One of the a-ha moments for me and my side projects was finding out there existed a tool that could  for me.

Are there things you’re doing today that could be handled or improved with technology?

It’s kind of a tough question, e.g. “you don’t know what you don’t know.” To know these things, there are a couple great resources that I’ve turned to in order to open my mind to the automation tools that are out there.

Discover New Tools with  &  

Both of these services connect one app to another, so that an action in one place (say, posting to Twitter) kicks off an action in another place (say, placing the new tweet into a spreadsheet automatically).

Where I find the greatest use of IFTTT and Zapier is in helping me discover new tools that are available to try. IFTTT is how I found out about  and  and . Zapier has opened my eyes to new stuff as well.

The way I discover new tools is via each service’s connection page—IFTTT calls them , Zapier calls them .

Discover New Tools


Even now, I’m seeing that , and my mind is starting to think of all the cool ways that a Medium side project could be hacked together: creating drafts from Evernote notes, for instance. (Whoa, now I want to try it!)


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